You can’t predict the future... But now you can prepare for it

The Life After Me platform allows you to organise life’s most valuable assets. So that if something happens to you, your loved ones and people you trust will be ready to take the wheel.

The emotional impact is hard enough

Therefore, in case of death, make sure that your loved ones do not have to worry about collecting important digital data of you. Think of bank accounts, memberships, title deeds, login details, but also your funeral wishes or a nice last video message.

Why Life After Me? Because good preparation makes everything easier.

Life After Me supports and collaborates with:

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NRC also pays attention to the digital way of inheritance and cites Life After Me as the "easier solution"

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Who owns your data in the cloud after death?

Digital legacy The parents of a man in his thirties who died in July had to go to court to gain access to his e-mail and cloud storage. How are digital legacies arranged?

You create an account by following a few simple steps:

1. Account

Create an account by entering your basic details

2. Upload

Upload, edit and sort your data into our neat categories

3. Buddies

Assign Buddies – the people you want to nominate to take responsibility when the time comes

4. Update

Effortlessly manage your legacy, assets and memories

"We learned it the hard way. Losing a family member can carry all sorts of unforeseen logistical burdens — on top of the emotional turmoil.

We thought to ourselves: nobody should experience this."

Life After Me offers the solution for this;

that gives a lot of peace of mind.

What does Life After Me provide?

Upload and organize all your data and documents in our clear dashboard
Our Buddy System gives the buddies designated by you access for to relevant information
Indicate offline or online locations for your data
For each document we have a specific folder

How does Life After Me work?

Start free trial

Get started with your own Life After Me account, or an account on behalf of your loved one

Your data privacy is essential

We do not take any risk in terms of privacy. All your stored data is encrypted via the best possible data security so that it is not accessible to anyone but you and your buddies.

Security What does a high level of security mean for your data?

All interactions with the Life After Me platform are encrypted
Our systems are built from the ground up, with safety as top priority
We test our systems regularly via 'ethical' hacking
Everything we do is in in line with data privacy legislation (GDPR)*

*You remain the owner of your documentation at all times.

plant for the planet
plant for the planet

We’re all about creating a more sustainable world. So let’s come together and go green for the greater good!

For every new member, we’ll plant a tree for the United Nations-supported initiative Plant-for-the-Planet