You can’t predict the future... But now you can prepare for it

The Life After Me platform allows you to organise life’s most valuable assets. So that if something happens to you, your loved ones and people you trust will be ready to take the wheel.

How does Life After Me work?

You create an account by following a few simple steps:

1. Account

Create an account by entering your basic details

2. Upload

Upload, edit and sort your data into our neat categories

3. Buddies

Assign Buddies – the people you want to nominate to take responsibility when the time comes

4. Update

Effortlessly manage your legacy, assets and memories

What does Life After Me provide?

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In our secure folders, you can safely store everything you could possibly want

From legal contracts to medical details to old photos and everything in between. And you choose who has access to what.

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Our Buddy System sure loved ones are just a click away from the info they need

Think of the person(s) you trust most with your sensitive information. At Life After Me, we call them Buddies — your superstars who’ve got your back, no matter what. In the event of your passing or disability, they’re the ones you’ll count on to tie up loose ends: Administrative tasks, bank accounts, social media accounts, etc… In other words, Buddies are the people you handpick to ensure your wishes are respected once you’re gone.

You can also decide when each Buddy gets access

Because timing is everything, you can choose how long to delay the unlocking of files – up to 24 hours post-death – and you can set these time preferences by Buddy as well as by file. No matter your unique circumstances, you can customise restrictions as desired!

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Having second thoughts about putting certain valuable data online?

No problem. Instead, you can use Life After Me to leave your Buddies detailed instructions to physical documents and possessions.

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A specific folder for each document

Our folder structure is divided as follows:

  • Legal: Wills, Lawyers, Notary services
  • Health: Doctor, hospital information or health insurance
  • Financial: Bank accounts, investments or life insurance
  • Real Estate: Property or Rental Documents, Mortgage Information, Utilities or Public Services
  • Social & Digital: Social media, email and other online accounts
  • Valuables: Cars, jewelry, collections or other valuables
  • Funeral wishes: Funeral wishes, cremation or burial, guests and other matters
  • Memory lane: Valuable photos, music, videos, letters or other media

Your data privacy is essential

We do not take any risk in terms of privacy. All your stored data is encrypted via the best possible data security so that it is not accessible to anyone but you and your buddies.

Security What does a high level of security mean for your data?

All interactions with the Life After Me platform are encrypted
Our systems are built from the ground up, with safety as top priority
We test our systems regularly via 'ethical' hacking
Everything we do is in in line with data privacy legislation (GDPR)*

*You remain the owner of your documentation at all times.

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